Environmental policy

Health & safety policy

Falcon Contracting Co. and its employees are committed to protecting the environment through the implementation of environmentally sound and eco friendly construction practices that ensure minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

The company ensures this through its commitment to:

? Conservation of raw materials and natural resources;
? Prevention of pollution;

? Continual improvement in environmental performance by setting objectives and targets, evaluation, review and training

? Communication of its commitment to all levels of the organisation, subcontractors and suppliers:
Compliance with relevant environmental legislation, codes of practice.

We are committed to maintain safety of our employees as well as general public. We strictly adhere to the safety rules stipulated by the authorities and our clients. Our employees are provided with safety and protective equipments, uniforms, hard helmets, etc. and they are given exclusive awareness on the subject.

All employees are encouraged to express their concerns or suggestions to help promote safe work practices and conditions.

Every employee, manager and supervisor at all levels shall be held responsible and accountable for maintaining a maximum level of safety performance in all phases of accident control efforts in the operations they perform.

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