Director's Message

The Falcon Contracting Co. was established in1994 and started its humble activities in general maintenance and sub-contracting works in Civil, MEP and Painting. We sustained the steady growth and expansion during the past years which equipped us to enter into the activities of a full fledged contracting company in the field of construction industry. Falcon Contracting Company with its team of experienced employees and facilities is now fully equipped to undertake turnkey projects approved by government bodies.

It is also a moment of pleasure to notify that Falcon Contracting Co. is a member of M/s Johnbros group of companies. Johnbors General Trading L.L.C, Dubai is another venture of the group.

We take this opportunity to place on record our sincere gratitude to all our clients for their patronage and trust without which we could not exist. We thank all the government bodies and our bankers for their valuable assistance. We admire the dedicated and sincere efforts of our staff and employees who are the backbone of our institution. We thanks all our well wishers who directly or indirectly helped us in our endeavors and we do expect their continuous patronage in the future. Above all we thank Go Almighty for His blessings and guidance.

We dedicate our sincere and quality service always.

Managing Director


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